Overcoming Worry, Start from Relying on God. A Commentary on Psalm 94:19

Psalm 94–19

In the multitude of my thoughts within me your comforts delight my soul.

  • Psalm 94:19

No one wants to be worried all day. We all want to live freely with no worries about anything. But as we face various pressures that life brings us, few can live easily and happily.

From the verse we can see that when we feel worried, God is our only reliance, and that only God can make us from worried to happy. Looking back to the time when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they didn’t worry about anything and would not die. Until they secretly ate the forbidden fruit and betrayed God, they began to worry. From this, it can be seen that we are too far from God and live in Satan’s domain so that we lose peace and often be obsessed by worry. Only when we rely on God can we get rid of worry. Just as God’s word says, “They don’t know what they will encounter that day. That is unknown, but we don’t fear the unknown. Why is that? Because we have God. We have God in our hearts. We have something to lean on. So, no matter what issues we encounter, we’re not afraid; we have something to lean on and we have motivation. We’re not like non-believers — they are helpless, they’re constantly running around, and they’re constantly afraid of what might happen. They don’t want to get into a car accident, they don’t want to provoke a lawsuit or a quarrel, they don’t want to offend their boss, colleagues, relatives, or people who are useful to them, they don’t want to run into any disasters…. They are wound up tightly in their hearts every day, fearing that these things might happen. They don’t have God in their hearts, so they seem pathetic, helpless, and with nothing to lean on. We’re different. We don’t need to fear those things; God is supreme, He is our Lord, we can lean on Him, He is our Rock. God has already told us the principles of what we should practice when we encounter an issue. We live our lives in the light, in peace.

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Source: Walk in the Light


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