I Understand the Significance of God’s Incarnation and Welcome the Lord Jesus’ Return

Does the Bible Prophesy That the Lord Will Become Flesh When He Returns?

After listening to Jingyi, I thought that what she had said sounded reasonable. The Lord’s coming is a big thing, and we have to investigate it thoroughly. I said, “So is there any basis in the Bible for what you say about the Lord becoming flesh when He returns?”

Why the Lord Will Become Flesh When He Returns

As I listened to Jiang Ling speak, I read through these verses of Scripture, and my heart concurred with her views. But when I thought that God would suffer many things when He worked in the flesh, I felt quite bewildered: “Why wouldn’t God work through the Spirit in the last days? Did not Jehovah God do His work through the Spirit?” So I spoke out on the confusion. Jiang Ling then said, “In fact, no matter in what way God works, it’s done in accordance with our need. In the last days, God becomes flesh to express His words, to do His work of judgment beginning in God’s family, to reveal man’s corruption and rebelliousness with His words, to judge man’s satanic nature which defies God, and ultimately He will purify man, save man and perfect man. If He worked through the Spirit but not in the flesh, this result would not be possible to achieve. Let’s read a passage of God’s words.”

Another Significance to the Incarnation

Jiang Ling also said happily, “That’s right. Weiwei, there is another significance to God becoming flesh. Let’s read another passage of God’s words.”



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