Gospel Movie: My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom

Song Ruiming was a pastor of a certain church in South Korea. Over many years of his belief in the Lord, he had been pursuing fervently, spending and working for the Lord, waiting for the Lord to come and rapture him to the kingdom of heaven. However, in recent years, what laid before him was the increasingly desolate church that lost the work of the Holy Spirit: The preachers had nothing new to talk about, and believers were all weak and passive. At the crucial point of welcoming the Lord’s return, the religious world was subject to such a fierce famine. Song Ruiming felt confused and lost for this situation. Right at that time, a repatriated missionary who had ever evangelized in China told him something about a rising church in China — the Eastern Lightning: The Eastern Lightning is testifying that the Lord Jesus has come back and that He is Almighty God, and they are frenziedly condemned and resisted by the CCP government and the religious world. What he said reminded Song Ruiming of the fact that while the Lord Jesus was preaching and working, He suffered the same thing — the condemnation and rejection of the religious world and the ruling regime. Also, Song Ruiming realized that the church condemned and persecuted most seriously by the CCP should be the church that comes from God because the CCP is an atheist party that opposes God the most. As such, Song Ruiming made his decision to go to China and investigate the Eastern Lightning there…

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