My Son Survived Falling From Building Under God’s Protection

Welcoming God’s Appearance
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God’s Protection

By Wei Lin

My name is Wei Lin. It’s been nine years since I started to believe in God. Every time thinking that when my son’s life was in the balance, it was God’s loving hand that supported him and turned him from danger to safety, my heart is full of gratitude to God and my faith in Him increases more.

It was about 9 o’clock in the evening of November 9, 2014, and the light rain was pitter-pattering onto the ground, adding a chill to the air of the early winter. After working all day, I had just sat onto the bed when my husband’s cell phone rang and then came my younger brother’s anxious voice on the other end: “Xiaohai had an accident! Around 6 p.m. when he was at work, he fell off from the 25th floor to the 22nd floor — ” Hearing this, my nervous heart almost jumped out of my mouth and I immediately interrupted him: “How is Xiaohai now? Did he hurt his head or face?” “No, but there are eight fractures of his body, including that of his legs, arms, and four ribs, and many internal injuries….” Then he urged us to get there quickly, in case he would probably die without seeing us. The sudden news hit me like a bolt from the blue, and I was overwhelmed, feeling like the sky was falling down.

At 11 p.m., my husband and I took an intercity bus heading for Taizhou City, Zhejiang province. At that time, my anguish was beyond words and I could only pray to God without cease, “God! I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know my son’s condition, either. I’m so worried. God, please keep my heart and help me so that I can face it calmly.” After the prayer, my heart calmed a little and God’s words came into my mind: “The universe and all things are within My hands. If I speak it, it will be so. If I ordain it, thus it shall be.” I thought: Yes, God is almighty, and God is in charge of everything. My son’s fate is in the hands of God, too! Without God’s permission, no one can take his life. Alas, I was really losing my head! The word of God gave me strength, so that I had the courage to face the following things.

In helplessness, I prayed in my heart, calling out to God to safeguard my heart. Then, another passage of God’s word came to my mind: “Man’s heart and spirit are held in the hand of God, everything of his life is beheld in the eyes of God. Regardless of whether or not you believe this, any and all things, whether living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear in accordance with God’s thoughts. Such is the way in which God presides over all things” The words of God calmed my heart down. Everyone’s life is in the hands of God; all things, both living and dead, are governed and controlled by God. When I realized this, I prayed to God in my heart: “Whatever the result is, I’m willing to hand over my son to You and obey Your sovereignty and arrangement.” At 3 p.m., we finally entered the ICU. Rushing to my son’s bed, I asked him how he felt. He said in a weak voice, “At that time, I just felt something was holding my head….” His words made me see more clearly that God is protecting us humans all the time. If it were not for God’s care and protection for my son, I wouldn’t have seen him alive again. Thinking of this, my heart could not help but be filled with gratitude to God.

But it came as a shock when, around 11 p.m. on the third night, the doctor suddenly told us that my son’s blood was flooding back into his heart, that his stomach had begun to swell, and that he was still unconscious and close to death. This news made us worried sick again. My husband kept calling our son’s name, asking him not to give up. I was so petrified that I could do nothing but pray to God sitting in my chair. At this moment I remembered the words of God: “We have within us the resurrected life of Christ. Undeniably, we lack faith in the presence of God: Would that God would put true faith within us.” The words of God vitalized my nearly despairing heart: “Yes, at this moment I need to have faith in God all the more. Since all things are under the control and arrangement of God’s hands, what can we immature and ignorant humans change? Whether my son survives or dies, I’m willing to give him to God’s hands, and obey God’s arrangements in everything. If God doesn’t permit it, he will not die even if he is at death’s door.”

An hour later, the doctor showed X-rays of my son to us on the computer. To our surprise, the X-rays did not show blood flowing back into his heart. At that moment, we were all relieved, and I knew that God once again had pulled my son through. Afterward, my son slowly recovered from his injuries. On the eighth day he was transferred to the general ward. My heart knew clearly that it was God who had been protecting and guiding him. At the same time, I personally gained an appreciation of the authority of God. Just as God’s word said: “It is not humanity that holds the power of life and death, not some being in the natural world, but the Creator, whose authority is unique. Mankind’s life and death are not the product of some law of the natural world, but a consequence of the sovereignty of the Creator’s authority.” That my son survived was totally because of God’s favor and His compassion for him. I’m a parent, but when he was facing death, I could do nothing, not even alleviate a tiny bit of his suffering. Instead, I could only rely on God.

A few days later, my son was transferred to a major hospital in Shanghai for bone fracture repair. Before the operation, the doctor asked us to sign a release of claims, and solemnly said: “Your son has many wounds and several fractures. If any of his veins or arteries get damaged, the surgery has to be stopped or his life will be in danger.” Hearing his words, I could not help getting nervous. I thought: “Xiaohai has just survived the critical stage but now he has to face a new test. If anything goes wrong with the surgery, his life will be at risk.” But then I had a second thought: “My son has come through so many dangers but I still worry so much. Aren’t I lacking faith in God?” So I came to God and prayed: “O God, please stop me from being nervous and scared. I entrust everything to You. May You guide me to leave behind my personal conceptions and imaginations, so that I can obey Your orchestrations and arrangements.”

During the dozen hours of surgery, I kept praying to God. Thanks to God’s protection, the operation went smoothly and successfully. At first the doctor said it would be more than one month before my son could be discharged. So no one expected that only one week later when the attending doctor did his rounds of the wards, he would check my son’s wounds and say: “He’s recovered very fast. There are so many wounds but none of them is inflamed. You can take him home now.” I was very excited to hear that. Thanks be to God! Only two months after that, Xiaohai was able to walk down the stairs alone; now his body has fully recovered, and there are no after-effects. Friends and relatives, as well as people around us who knew about the accident, have all said: “It is because Xiaohai’s mother believes in God that he recovered so fast.”

In July 2015, a worker who was working on building a house for my neighbor accidentally fell and died on the way to the county hospital. This made me see the truth in the Chinese saying that “A storm may arise from a clear sky and bad luck can strike out of the blue.” We cannot predict what will happen in the future, and we are so small and helpless when faced with emergencies. So what can we little creatures do? We can come before God to receive His salvation and live under the leadership of His words; only by doing so can we be safeguarded by God when disaster strikes.

Source: Walk in the Light


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