Church Life: How to Truly Pray to God

Why Christians Need to Pray

At one meeting, several sisters were happily fellowshiping their individual experiences and understandings over the past few days, while Kexin was sitting to one side in a very low mood.

What It Means to Truly Pray

Sister Lin went on: “You just said that, you had paid special attention to saying pleasant words and speaking fluently in your prayer, and thought that this kind of prayer delighted God. In fact, this is also because you don’t know what it means to truly pray or the path of practice to enter into true prayer. God’s words have told us about all this. Who would like to read these passages of God’s words?”

Appreciating the Importance of Prayer

After practicing praying for a while, Kexin had one experience and through that experience she truly appreciated that as long as one prays sincerely to God, one will witness God’s deeds.



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