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Exam anxiety and stress can be exhausting and really painful for students. Out of fear that bad grades would affect their future, many students spend all their time studying. For this reason, some of them even don’t regularly attend gatherings, and thus they stray away from God. By contrast, in dealing with exam anxiety and stress, Chrisitan Jing Wen obeyed God’s sovereignty and arrangement, and later, not only did he gain good grades, but he also has learned how to rely on God. Let’s see how he experienced it!

“Class, exams are around the corner. Seize the time…

I trust everyone’s familiar with the parable of the lost sheep in the Bible. The Lord Jesus used this parable to very vividly tell us about God’s love for mankind and to allow us to feel how sincere God’s desire to save mankind is. But does everyone know what God’s will behind this parable is? At a Bible study there were a few brothers and sisters who finally understood this through fellowship — let’s take a look together.

With a Bible in his hands, the preacher Liu Qing said, “Brothers and sisters, let’s read the parable of the lost sheep.”…


You ignored the words while seeking God’s footprints

that “He’s the truth, the way and life.”

Many get truth but don’t trust they’ve found God’s footprints,

don’t admit to His appearance.

They make a serious mistake.

God’s appearance can’t be reconciled

with man’s notions or desires.

God has His choices, aims, and plans when He works.

Since we are searching for God’s footprints,

we must seek His will and words.

Where God’s new words are, there’s His voice;

where His footprints are, there are His deeds;

where God’s expressions are, His appearance will be found;

wherever He appears…

God’s Kingdom

I was born in a small town in southern China, and starting from my paternal great-grandmother’s generation, our family has believed in the Lord. Stories from the Bible, hymns of worship and ecclesiastical music in the church accompanied me as I passed through the happy days of my childhood. As I started getting older, pressure grew in my studies, and in my heart I started to slowly grow distant from the Lord. However, the Lord never left me, whenever I would call out for Him, He would help me. The grace and holy name of the Lord Jesus are rooted…

John 13:35

Today’s Verse

By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another.

- John 13:35

Jesus’ this sentence reveals to us that we can manifest God and glorify Him if we can love one another. We often say “love one another”, however, we do not live it out in real life. There was a time when I had contact with older brothers and sisters. One of them was an old brother, in his 60s or 70s, who newly bought a laptop intending to read God’s words online. When he asked me about…

Be Raptured

My parents are both Christians and from an early age I started going with them to church to attend services. At the age of 12 I attended a grand Christian camp in Myanmar, and while I was there a pastor told me: “The only way to avoid death and enter the kingdom of heaven is to be baptized.” And so in order to enter the kingdom of heaven I decided to get baptized while I was at the camp. From that time on, I became a genuine Christian.

After reaching adulthood, I became the chairperson of my church’s youth association…

Lord’s Return

At present, the pandemic is accelerating; In the meanwhile, earthquakes, famines, plagues, and riots continue to happen all over the world. This suggests that the prophecies of the Lord’s return in Matthew 24 have been fulfilled. The Lord has already returned. At this news, will you be confused: If the Lord has returned, why have we not seen the Lord coming upon white clouds in the sky? Don’t worry. Read the following words of God, and your confusion will be resolved.

Almighty God says, “For several millennia, man has longed to be able to witness the arrival of the Savior…

the Rapture

For every Christian who is waiting devoutly for the return of the Lord, the topic of the believers’ rapture when the Lord returns in the last days is always attractive. None of the believers are not expecting to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes back. However, what on earth is the true meaning of rapture? Does it really mean that the believers are lifted into the air by the Lord in the last days? To understand this aspect of the truth, let’s first read several verses. Acts 8:39–40 says, “And when they were come up…

It’s not easy for us Christians to learn to keep quiet before God in our daily life, because our life is always occupied with something. We either are busy working and doing service or immerse ourselves in social media and the Internet, and even those trivial matters in life are great bondage to us.


In many cases, when you ask some brothers or sisters: “What have you been busy with recently?” They would probably tell you that they are busy working, supporting brothers and sisters, or helping their children find partners. …

Verse 1
Oh God, no matter if I have status or not,
I now understand myself.
If my status is high, it’s because of Your elevation.
If my status is low, it’s because of Your ordination.

Verse 2
Oh God, I don’t have choices, I don’t have complaints.
Everything is in Your hands.
You ordained that I would be born
in this country, among this people,
and I should only be obedient under Your dominion.

I’m nothing more than a tiny creature,
brought to life by the Lord of creation.
You made me, and now You have placed me
in Your hand…

Welcoming God’s Appearance

Welcome the Lord Jesus Christ's Return

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